You are a few clicks away from becoming a UKRN

it's very possible to pass your OSCE in one sitting

Are you an overseas nurse looking to become a registered nurse in the UK and pass your OSCE exam with flying colours?

Well, look no further! Welcome to MJREEN Nursing Consult, your Ultimate OSCE training guide. Our highly experienced and qualified instructors will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to excel in your OSCE and become a confident a registered UKRN.

At MJREEN Nursing Consult, we understand the challenges that come with preparing for OSCE exams, and that’s why we offer personalized, group and comprehensive training that caters for your individual needs. Our training modules cover all aspects of OSCE exams, and are regularly updated in line with regular skill updates by the NMC.

We are innovative in our approach by helping you to simulate real-life scenarios that you may encounter in your exams, ensuring that you are well prepared and confident to handle any situation.

Don’t let exam anxiety or lack of preparation hinder your dreams of becoming a successful UKRN. Sign up for our OSCE training program today and join the over hundreds of nurses who have benefited from our exceptional training.

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